Technical Services

NOLTEC provides technical services across Nigeria. Contact us for procurement, installation and maintenance of fixed and rotating equipment and other heavy-duty machinery.

Technical Services
Rotating and Static Equipment

Installation and Maintenance of Static and Rotating Equipment

We install and maintain static and rotating equipment from pumps, compressors, and heat exchangers to turbines, boilers, and pressure vessels. We ensure that your critical machinery operates optimally to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Lifting & Equipment Conveyor Systems

We offer lifting equipment such as cranes and hoists, and conveyor systems. Contact us today for lifting and conveyor systems for your industrial and commercial operations.

Lifting & Equipment Conveyor Systems  | NOLTEC

Marine Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

We provide marine air conditioning and refrigeration solutions to ensure the comfort of your crew and the preservation of perishable cargo even in the harshest maritime conditions.

Diesel Generators

We install and maintain diesel generators for all types of commercial and industrial projects. We deploy generators for services requiring uninterrupted energy supply.

Diesel Generators

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