Schneider Electric Nigeria: Electrical Equipment and Services (2024)

Schneider Electric Nigeria

Schneider Electric Nigeria is a foremost energy and automation management company. At NOLTEC, our electrical services unit helps clients to identify solutions to meet their specific requirements. We offer complete client services including design, supply, installation, and maintenance of energy infrastructure.

Overview: Schneider Electric Nigeria Products

The following section is a listing of products offered by the company.

1. Residential and Small Business:

  • Emergency Lighting
  • Home Security
  • Light Switches and Electrical Sockets
  • Surge Protection and Power Conditioning

2. Building Automation and Control:

  • Power Quality and Power Factor Correction
  • Sensors
  • Valves and Valve Actuators

3. Low Voltage Products and Systems:

  • Contactors and Protection Replays
  • Fuse Switches
  • Motor Starters
  • Panelboards and Switchboards
  • Power Circuit breakers and switches

4. Power:

  • Transformers
  • IT Power Distribution
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Solar Power Systems

5. Industrial Automation and Control:

  • Programmable Automation Controller (PAC), Programmable Logic Control (PLC) and other Controllers
  • Power supplies and transformers

For more information, please visit the Schneider Electric website.

Trusted Electrical Services in Nigeria By NOLTEC

NOLTEC is experienced at supply, installation, and maintenance of Schneider Electric solutions in Nigeria. Our electrical services unit comprises of highly-trained electrical engineers and technicians are on hand to attend to client requirements. We are committed to providing you with top quality, environmentally-sustainable electrical installation and maintenance services. We offer services such as

  • Internal and External Power Supply: Electrical Power Distribution; Industrial and Commercial High Voltage installations
  • Electrification: Transmission and Distribution lines; Rural Electrification
  • Power Generation: Diesel, Biogas, and Natural Gas engines

For your electrical project requirements, please call +234-810-304-7689 or +234-810-295-5408. You may also reach us by sending us your enquiry and we will get back to you.

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