LG Air Conditioners Nigeria: Supply to Maintenance Services (2024)

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LG air conditioners are quality products with very competitive pricing trusted by many in Nigeria. Based on the type of facility or space requiring cooling, clients can choose from a range of quality air conditioners to meet their specific needs. At NOLTEC, we provide consulting and design services to clients to determine the most suitable LG air conditioners for their needs. Our expertise will help you find the most suitable equipment specifications and design for your needs while ensuring cost-effectiveness and ROI.

LG Air Conditioners

LG air conditioning systems come in three main variations:

1. Commercial Air Conditioners

The commercial air conditioners are in four versions as follows:

  • Floor Standing Air Conditioners – These are reliable air conditioners for use in small to large spaces such as offices, homes, halls, and restaurants. They come in capacities from 18,000 to 92,000 BTU models.
LG Floor Standing Air Conditioner
Source: LG
  • Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners – These are top of the range cassette ACs with models offering 18,000 to 54,000 BTU capacities.
LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner
Source: LG
  • Duct Air Conditioners – The duct air conditioner range offer efficient cooling for different spaces. They also come in capacities from 18,000 to 92,000 BTU.
LG Ceiling Concealed Duct Air Conditioner
Source: LG
  • Convertible Air Conditioners – Convertible ACs are innovative cooling units suitable for a variety of environments. Existing models come in 18,000 to 50,000 BTU capacities.
LG Convertible Air Conditioner
Source: LG

2. Residential Air Conditioners

This category of air conditioners are very popular at homes, small offices, and similar spaces. They are split units and window air conditioning units.

  • Split Air Conditioners: LG Air Conditioner DUALCool Series with GEN Mode come in 1 HP to 2.5 HP models. These air conditioners come in beautiful designs and provide efficient cooling systems with power-saving features.
Source: LG
  • Window Air Conditioners: The LG Window Units also range from 1 HP to 2.5 HP models. They are suitable for small office and rooms in homes.
LG Window Air Conditioner
Source: LG

3. Air Quality Systems

Aside standard air conditioners, LG also offers air quality products such as Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers. Read our article: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality with HVAC Solutions.

For more details about these air conditioning systems, visit the LG website.

Supply to Maintenance of LG Air Conditioners in Nigeria

Contact NOLTEC for supply, installation, repairs, and maintenance of LG Air Conditioners in Nigeria. We provide good prices for LG air conditioner prices in Nigeria. We are experienced with all equipment models. To request a quote, information about air conditioning sizing or other service, please call +234-810-304-7689 or +234-810-295-5408. You may also send us a message and we will get back to you..

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