Haier Thermocool Air Conditioners in Nigeria (2024)

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If you are looking for affordable air conditioners in Nigeria, Haier Thermocool air conditioners are a good choice. From inverter air conditioners to split and package units, Haier offers reliable and affordable air conditioners for small to large spaces. At NOLTEC, we have the expertise to supply, install, and repair Haier air conditioners. We also provide comprehensive preventive and corrective maintenance services.

The air conditioning systems are in two categories: residential and commercial. Here is a list of current residential air conditioning systems offered by the manufacturer:

Residential Air Conditioners

1. Haier Thermocool GenPAL Inverter Air Conditioners

GenPAL Inverter Air Conditioner

These are an efficient series of air conditioners with power capacities ranging from 1HP to 2HP models. The inverter AC technology ensures that your air conditioner functions efficiently by controlling the compressor speed so as to regulate the temperature effectively. They work with small generators and provide energy-savings up to 70 percent. Read more.

2. Haier Thermocool Split Air Conditioners

Split Air Conditioners

The Tundra range of split air conditioners provide extra cool comfort. These are ideal for large rooms as they provide exceptional comfort. Also ranging from capacities of 1HP to 2HP, the Tundra series are a high functioning AC model providing faster cooling plus the ability to keep functioning even at voltages below 220V, and down to 175V. Read more.

3. Haier Thermocool Package Unit Air Conditioners

Package Unit Air Conditioners

These are 2HP standing units providing great cooling comfort for use in spaces such as homes, offices, and event centers. These air conditioners have a strong 15m with 4-directional flow. Read more.

Commercial Air Conditioners

1. Haier Thermocool Commercial Air Conditioner High/ Med/ Low ESP Duct Series

Haier Thermocool Commercial Air Conditioner High/ Med/ Low ESP Duct Series


  • Inbuilt voltage regulation
  • High Efficient Filter
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Great Dehumification System

2. Haier Thermocool Commercial Air Conditioner Convertible

Haier Thermocool Commercial Air Conditioner Convertible

3. Haier Thermocool Commercial AC 4-Way Cassette

4-Way Cassette AC

Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of Air Conditioners

Contact NOLTEC for supply, installation, and maintenance. Our team of certified AC technicians are available round the clock to attend to your air conditioning needs. Contact us today by calling +234-810-304-7689 or +234-810-295-5408. You can also send us a message and we will get back to you.

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