Fire Protection Equipment and Systems in Nigeria (2024)

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Fire protection equipment and systems are critical factors for building design and human safety. NOLTEC provides reliable fire protection equipment and systems such as FM-200 and Carbon Dioxide suppressants, and Sprinkler systems suitable for diverse types of facilities in Nigeria. Our services also include installation and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems.

More than ever before, stakeholders across multiple industries now pay greater attention to ensuring comprehensive fire protection systems for buildings of all types. Without a question, the top consideration is always for the safety for human life or personnel.

Key Factors for Fire Protection Design

Certain factors must be considered when designing a fire protection system for a building:

  • The type of building material: concrete, presence of wood, plastics, etc.
  • Building access and exit points
  • Type of building: is it residential, commercial or industrial?
  • Critical spaces within buildings: datacenters or server rooms, kitchens, equipment and engine rooms

Types of Fire Protection Equipment and Systems

Fire protection equipment and systems are generally classed into passive fire protection, active fire protection, and user sensitization:

1. Passive Fire Protection: This includes fireproofing measures, installation of firewalls, and fire-rated floors.

2. Active Fire Protection: The automatic and manual fire detection systems or devices – fire blanket, fire bucket, fire extinguishers, smoke and fire detectors, fire alarms, and building fire suppression systems. These are classed on the type of agent deployed by the system. Examples are fire extinguishing agents such as FM-200, carbon dioxide-based extinguishers, and sprinkler systems.

3. User Sensitization: Sensitization of a building’s occupants about existing safeguards, policies, and emergency procedures often communicated through staged fire drills.

Common Fire Suppressants

1. FM-200 systems

These have especially proved successful in critical buildings and spaces such as server and telecommunications rooms, libraries, production and manufacturing facilities, oil and gas facilities among others.

2. Carbon Dioxide Systems

They are effective but only for non-human occupied rooms; foam for flammable liquids; Water also serves as a traditional suppressant for organic materials such as paper or wood.

3. Fire Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems use water to suppress fires. The types existing include: wet pipe systems, wet pipe antifreeze, dry pipe systems, deluge systems, pre-action, foam-water systems, water spray and water mist.

Fire Sprinkler Valve System
Courtesy: Wikipedia

Fire Protection Supply, Installation and Maintenance By NOLTEC

NOLTEC supplies, installs and maintains fire protection systems for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. We help clients to design fire protection services for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

Our Services

  • Residential Building Fire Protection
  • Commercial Fire Protection
  • Manfacturing Facility Fire Protection
  • Datacenter / Server Room Fire Protection

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