Cold Room Construction in Nigeria (2024)

Cold Room Construction in Nigeria

NOLTEC is a leading cold room manufacturer in Nigeria. We offer quality cold room construction, equipment and parts for applications of all types in Nigeria. As part of our industrial refrigeration services, we build, supply, install, and help clients maintain their cold room and freezer facilities. Whether for food packaging, supermarkets, commercial and industrial uses, our cold room solutions are top of the range in the market. Contact us for cold room prices in Nigeria giving us your specific requirements. The following section describes cold room options you can consider.

Types of Cold Rooms

We build cold rooms of different sizes from small to large scale cold rooms for industrial and commercial uses. Here are five basic types of cold rooms to meet client needs:

  1. Modular Cold Room: This is the most common cold room for commercial uses. As the name implies, the components such as panels are assembled from separate units.They are generally used for food, medical goods and the likes.
  2. Combi Cold Room: This is a type of cold room offering two distinct sections. The first is equipped with a chiller for cooling purposes while an inner portion has a freezer unit.
  3. Walk-in Cold Room: A walk-in cold room allows you to walk in. This can be a modular or combi cold room
  4. Industrial Chillers: These are heavy duty refrigeration units for manufacturing companies and warehouses.
  5. Custom-built Cold Rooms: We design the cold room per client’s specifications or particular requirements.

Reliable Cold Room Manufacturers and Brands

Clients can trust us to supply cold room equipment and components from leading manufacturers. We design and build cold rooms to meet our client specifications using equipment for international manufacturers including Danfoss, Frick, YORK, and Daikin among others.

Cold Room Construction in Nigeria

Contact NOLTEC for your cold room requirements. We are a reliable cold room company and equipment supplier in Nigeria offering a range of factory-made and custom-built cold room refrigeration solutions to fit all types of applications.

To request a quote or for more information about our cold room fabrication services, please call our client service lines: +234-810-304-7689 or +234-810-295-5408. You can also send us a message and we will get back to you.

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