Close Control Air Conditioning for Shell Nigeria

Cooling Precision and Data Security: Close Control Air Conditioning for Shell Nigeria in Warri

Project Overview

Shell Nigeria, a leader in the oil and gas industry, places a premium on data security and reliability. To maintain the optimal operating conditions for its central computer building in Warri, Shell Nigeria invested in close control (precision) air conditioning systems. NOLTEC successfully implemented the solution to ensure that the client continues to meet its data integrity goals while enjoying uninterrupted operations.

Client Profile: Shell Nigeria

Shell Nigeria

Shell Nigeria is a prominent player in the Nigerian oil and gas sector, recognized for its emphasis on safety, reliability, and environmental stewardship. Data security and operational continuity are central to their mission.

The Project

Close Control (Precision) Air Conditioning for Central Computer Building: Shell Nigeria’s central computer building is the heart of their data operations. The introduction of close control air conditioning systems (also known as computer room air conditioner – CRAC) ensures precise temperature and humidity regulation, safeguarding data integrity, and upholding uninterrupted data center operations.

Preserving Data Integrity and Operational Continuity

Close control (precision) air conditioning offers several key benefits:

  • Temperature and Humidity Regulation: The project ensures a stable and controlled environment, protecting sensitive computer equipment and data from overheating or excessive humidity.
  • Data Security: Precise climate control safeguards data integrity, preventing potential data loss or system failures due to temperature or humidity fluctuations.
  • Operational Reliability: The advanced cooling systems maintain the ideal operating conditions for computer servers, minimizing the risk of downtime.

Advanced Cooling Technology

The project relies on advanced cooling technology to meet the specific needs of Shell Nigeria’s central computer building:

  • Redundancy: The close control air conditioning system incorporates redundancy to ensure continuous operations, even in the event of a system failure.
  • Monitoring and Alarm Systems: The system is equipped with sophisticated monitoring and alarm systems to provide real-time alerts in case of any deviations from the desired conditions.
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy-efficient components are utilized, reducing both operational costs and Shell Nigeria’s environmental footprint.

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