Want to Buy Air Conditioner in Nigeria? 7 Factors To Check in 2024

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Do you need to buy an air conditioner (AC) in Nigeria? No one needs to tell you how important this has become as the heat in Nigeria has increased dramatically in the last few months.

However, your aim should go beyond just buying an air conditioning unit without going for quality. Buying a good air conditioner is an investment in your comfort at home or office. While the price of good air conditioners may appear to be high, you should consider your comfort in making this decision. Our tropical climate makes it important to ensure that the air conditioner you buy for your home or office provides you the comfort you desire. For example, an unsuitable air conditioner can make you spend more money than planned, and it can affect your health, too.

At NOLTEC we work with our clients to ensure that this investment continually delivers value to you. While we are always available to provide guidance for your every need, we created this short guide to assist you to make the right decision when it comes to buying a new air conditioner for your home and office. Here are the factors to consider:

1. Size and Number of Areas You Want To Cool

This is the first step in choosing the right air conditioner. You have to determine the size and number of rooms or spaces to be cooled.

2. Types of Air Conditioner

There are four types of air conditioning systems available in the market. These are:

  • Window Air Conditioning systems
  • Split Air Conditioning systems
  • Packaged Air Conditioning systems
  • Central Air Conditioning systems

The size and number of spaces to be cooled, air quality requirement and budget will ultimately determine the type of air conditioning system to be used.

3. Air Conditioner Sizing

Proper sizing of the air conditioner to be used is a critical step in purchasing a quality air conditioner for your needs. An improperly sized air conditioner can have serious implications for your home/office comfort AND wallet. Furthermore, it can lead to conditioner short cycles, high electricity bills, increased humidity and shorter system life due to constant operation.

Rule Of Thumb For Air Conditioner Sizing: Every 500 or 600 square feet requires 1 Ton of air conditioning capacity. 1 Ton = 4.7 Horse Power

4. Quality Air Conditioners with Quality Airflow

Airflow may not be something you have thought about, but it is a critical component of home and office comfort. In fact, your whole cooling system depends on your equipment’s ability to access and condition the air in your home. Trouble with airflow => trouble with comfort.

5. Research the Air Conditioning Contractor

Do this if you decide to engage the services of an air conditioning contractor. Make sure they have had positive reviews from previous clients. This could be difficult to determine. But one way to ensure you are signing up for quality service is via a referral. Ask a friend, neighbour, or industry peer for their air conditioning expert.

Also, you can see if they have a good reputation on online review sites. In the digital age, it is harder than ever to run from a bad reputation.

Note: Such contractors are also referred to as HVAC contractors (HVAC = heating, ventilation, and air conditioning).

6. Do Not Buy Your Air Conditioner From a Sketchy Source

What is a sketchy source? One example would be a second-hand shop. While it could be a bargain, the risks involved with faulty components leading to endless repairs would bring more headache than you can handle. There is simply no way to guarantee the quality and sustainability of the unit when you purchase the unit from such a source.

Make sure you buy your air conditioning equipment direct from the manufacturer or an authorized agent. This way, you can be sure that your equipment is not damaged, is covered under warranty, and didn’t fall off the back of the delivery truck!

7. Compare Air Conditioner Prices

You should compare prices from multiple sources. This is also important to know so you are sure of obtaining the best possible bargain in the market. You can do this by inviting quotes from air conditioning contractors or browsing online. At NOLTEC, we can also provide you a quote for any type of air conditioner you have in mind.

In summary, buying the right air conditioning for your needs is important for your health and your finances. If its capacity is too low for the size of your space, it will have use more power before it reaches your desired temperature. That may not mean much on the surface until you realize that the constant strenuous operation may translate to poor air quality, and ultimately damage your air conditioning unit. We can help prevent that by providing best ot class services to ensure your air conditioner is efficient, saves you money, and remains a source of clean, healthy air for you, your family, and colleagues at work.

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