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This article describes common issues that lead to break down of air conditioners and AC repair and maintenance services. NOLTEC provides expert repair and maintenance for all types of air conditioning units in Nigeria. Whether for residential, industrial, or commercial facilities, our well-trained AC technicians will ensure that your cooling units are back to working optimally in no time.

Imagine this scenario: You work on the 5th Floor of a high-rise building. On each floor, the building has central air conditioning systems installed with vents providing cool air to each office and the open floor. One day, the air conditioner on your floor just stops working. People are sweating, someone begins sneezing repeatedly.

The Facilities team struggle in vain to reach the HVAC service provider. Like others, you open the nearest window but it’s no use. The hot air coming in from outside does very little to help. Should all staff relocate to adjacent floors? Or should everyone just go home and stay put until the air conditioning issue is resolved?

Many times, very simple issues cause the breakdown of air conditioning systems at offices, homes, and industrial facilities. Here are five of them:

Why Air Conditioners Break Down

1. Poor Maintenance of Air Conditioning or HVAC System

Air conditioning systems require proactive or preventive maintenance to function efficiently. Proper maintenance would ensure that all critical components continue to function well. Pay particular attention to the fan coils, refrigerant and tubing, thermostat, condenser, and evaporator units. These are the typical points of equipment fault. You should engage knowledgeable technicians to service these units on a regular schedule in order to prevent sudden breakdowns.

2. Dirty AC Air Filters

Dirty air filters can also cause your air conditioner to break down–even if the filters are relatively new. Cleaning or changing the air filters regularly will help prevent damage to your equipment. You can engage an air conditioning technician to assist you with this task or actually do it yourself. This seemingly simple task could save you money and extend the life of your cooling unit significantly. Recommended schedule: Monthly.

AC Repair and Maintenance - Changing the Air Filter
Air Conditioner showing the Filter

3. Leakage of Cooling Refrigerant

Your air conditioner may develop a fault if the cooling refrigerant leaks out. For example, this issue could occur if the refrigerant tubing breaks or develops a leak due to bends.

4. AC Equipment Overwork

Furthermore, air conditioning units can malfunction due to overwork. This can be due to a number of factors including improper sizing of the air conditioner right from installation. The size of the room should align with the capacity of the AC in order for it to function efficiently. We discussed the criteria for selecting suitable air conditioners here.

Secondly, air conditioning systems will generally operate under more stress during hotter days. This operating load on the AC can lead to problems like overheating and damage of the capacitor or compressor.

5. Normal Air Conditioner Wear and Tear

As AC equipment age, their efficiency decrease even with meticulous maintenance schedules. For this reason, you should ensure that you monitor your equipment and replace old units when due. This will not only save you from unwarranted discomfort when breakdowns occur, but will reduce your energy costs. This is worth repeating: a new, suitable AC will reduce your energy costs.

In conclusion, your AC or HVAC system requires proper preventive maintenance in order to keep functioning optimally. This you can achieve by consulting a competent air conditioning technician or contractor. However, where the cooling units develop issues, ensure you engage a professional air conditioning repair contractor to help resolve the issue(s).

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